Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My First Colored and Gig Extra Order on Fiverr

On May 1st of this year I got a request on my fiverr gig for a sketch of a female superhero-type character. The buyer had very clear description of what he wanted drawn "...taller than average, blonde hair, beautiful face, long legs...", which is really good and helps me a lot to imagine the look and he continued with more specifics -"should be
smiling and upbeat, dressed in casual clothing-jeans, shirt, etc...pose, something fun and
quirky, maybe shrugging shoulders...".

It really feels good to start off with an order when you see how specific a buyer is with what he wants and the fact that he also sent a reference for the expression and pose that he was describing, sets me in the right direction of what to draw. Although my sketch is only very loosely based on the photo reference I was given, it helps that I can easily make studies that I know is close to what the client wants without having to do the tedious and time consuming research.

The study I sent had only a minor revision request from the buyer ("could you make the shirt a little longer") which I was happy to oblige for the cleaned up submission and thankfully, he was so excited with the end product that I not only received another 5-star rating but another order right away. He ordered a turnaround modelsheet for the character in color and purchased the original source file gig extra (and another 5-star review: "Fantastic service and high quality art. I couldn't be happier.") What started out a 5-dollar gig got me a $60 sale and it's thanks to having a buyer who helped me help him.