Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My First Five-Star Rating on Fiverr

It doesn't take much to express gratitude. Sometimes, for artists like me who have to draw for a living, it takes a very small gesture of appreciation to make the job however great or small to it make it more worthwhile.

On the first week of April this year I got my second client on The job requested was another black and white, character design/modelsheet/turnaround. I don't know if he was referred to me by the first client but I was grateful to get more orders.
Since I had started to go completely digital only a few months earlier, I'm also thankful that a friend of mine had helped me get Retas Stylos (a vector app, primarily for professional 2D animation work) installed on my computer. Because I don't have much training or know-how on artist apps other than Adobe Photoshop, using Stylos helps me
get digital inking done a lot faster.

The design was of a female ninja/merc with dreadlocks which wasn't difficult to do because username "thelost" provided all the pertinent references and those helped quite a bit. Since I didn't get a review on the previous gigs, I didn't realize that option was actually available to buyers and sellers on fiverr and I was pleasantly surprised when I got a notification on my phone that I received a positive review and rating.

It was very short and simple, really. A mere "Thanks for delivering so quick. You did a great job!!", but it really felt good to read it. I may not have gotten the same kind of pay from other agents that sent work my way before for the same type of work and the art I submitted may not be in the same quality as the top notch artists that I look up to, but those words made it feel that way. It also did get me a 5-star, 100% positive rating on my profile, which I know led more people to trust in the service that I'm providing on this marketplace - a pretty big deal considering the number and competitiveness of other artists in the same category.