Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mang Kepweng Returns

Mang Kepweng was a gag comic strip in the 1970s to 1980s about a village healer and his quirky patients, created by Al Magat.
The success of the comics led to a series of movie adaptations with one of Philippine cinema's great funnymen, Chiquito in the title role.

The movie versions incorporated local folklore's mythical staples like diwatas, kapres, manananggals and aswang and a healer using dark arts or black magic as an arch-nemesis for Mang Kepweng.

The new movie, "Mang Kepweng Returns", shown last January of this year (2017) continues the Chiquito series, now with Mang Kepweng's son played by Vhong Navarro taking over as healer after inheriting his father's magical bandana, with my favorite model turned actress, Kim Domingo as his love interest.This sequel plays out as much as a continuation and tribute to the series for the older audiences as much as an update of the franchise for the new, younger viewers.

Mang Kepweng Returns marks the director and co-writer, Giuseppe Bede Sampedro's debut into the mainstream film industry after a successful string of indie movie projects.
Direk Giuseppe, or "GB" (read GeeBee) as he is known to friends and in the showbiz industry was a high school and college batchmate of mine who I only got back in touch with after a recent Letran Homecoming event. He contacted me to draw up a couple of sequential pages to tell a comicbook type origin story of the old movie version of Mang Kepweng.

The pages were to be used to introduce new audiences to the concept of the movie as an adaptation of a comic book but in the same "universe" used in the old movie series rather than the original gag strip so we could use Chiquito's more familiar likeness in the drawings and give the old followers of the cinematic version a sense of nostalgia and to show that the new movie is a continuation and not a complete reboot.

I dug up whatever images of the original comic strip are available online to get in the groove of the humor before I was handed the script for the pages that I was going to draw beforehand, and these are some that I found:

   I went for a more loose drawing style than I usually do when I draw comics so that the pages still pull off a cartoony look that won't look old but also not too modern. Direk GB also wanted to go for earthy colors to Mang Kepweng's costume to keep the old aesthetic of the original comic instead of the trademark white shirt with red polka dots used by Chiquito while still keeping to his unmistakably distinct likeness.

Here's another image that was done for promotional materials.
This is a practice portrait of Vhong Navarro as the new Mang Kepweng.
Here's the trailer showing bits of my drawings:

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trying out new stuff: Typography

So, I've been living in a t-shirt printing shop for the past 7 or so months now.
It's part of an arrangement that had to be made to keep a roof above my head after I had to give up an apartment I couldn't afford to lease on my own after my nephew and niece migrated to the U.S.A. on my brother's petition.
The T-shirt printing gig is part of a business of a couple of friends of mine who offered a room in the shop as my new shelter with my services as an artist/designer in return.
It's a really good deal and not as bad as it may sound to some if you think about the state of artists in general.

I've learned a lot of new stuff that I can use to pad my humble portfolio and I've gotten an interest in something I only used to enjoy seeing in vintage poster designs or books and also a bit sparingly, on shirts - typography.

It seems to be getting more attention of late, hasn't it? because there more and more of it in books and advertising materials.

I started out with a simple typographic design for a t-shirt print that a friend asked me for. It was a short passage from the Christian bible, so adding some elements to the text and also adding slight changes to font style and size was a natural choice to make it more aesthetic and dynamic. I'm glad this first time was met with more approval than I expected.

 It was printed on a white shirt in plain blue ink without the stroke and borders as in the photo, and worked quite well.

I did a couple more designs for the same friend/client for shirts with some quotes from a famous local voice actor and businessman. The shirts were meant to be some sort of merchandise for this man's motivational speaking engagements which is why his quotes were used. I don't think it sold well enough for marketing factors but I still like what I came up with.

These are the actual vinyl-printed shirts as sold in a Christmas Bazaar at the Quezon City Circle.

Birthday portrait for my bestfriend

It sure has been quite a while since I posted
anything here.
There is so much to catch up to.
This portrait for my girl bestfriend was done
as a gift for her birthday LAST YEAR. Yeah,
post is damn late but the present was done just
in time and I was able to give it on the night
Friends are a blessing and having a best friend
from the opposite gender, one who understands
you on a deeper, more personal level than
all your other friends is special and keeps
a person even more centered because you get
support and advice from their perspective.
I don't get to see her much these days and I do
make myself scarce on purpose, of course,
because she is a married woman with kids now
but like true friends we're always just one
call away if need be.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Laurel Lance

This piece was published on my patreon page as a fan tribute to Katie Cassidy's Black Canary character on the TV series "Arrow"
As a comic book fan I was excited when Black Canary came out on "Arrow" although it was as a character named "The Canary" with the alter ego Sara Lance It is always fun to see superheroes, Marvel and DC alike, come alive onscreen and even though this wasn't the comic's Dinah Lance, I like it, black leather suit and fight scenes and all.

With Sara's apparent demise on the third season of the series, Dinah Laurel finally had her chance to be in the costume as Black Canary. It was unfortunate, though, that storywise, this was also the season that started to go south and in the next season the writers and showrunners decided to follow up with a more convoluted drama and sadly, Laurel Lance was disposed of.

It's strange that the more popular and consistent part of the Green Arrow's comic book mythos didn't get to have her story fully develop in a series that took quite a while to get realized.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Started A Patreon Page

This is the first artwork I made for Patreon.
I've mostly made my living drawing cartoons and comics (primarily in the indie rout).
I've applied my skill in an anime company, climbing the ladder from in-betweener to layout and key-frame animation.
But what I really still am is a fan. There are so much good stuff in comics, cartoons, games, and movies that I enjoy and am awed by. There are still so many professionals in the mainstream comic industry who I admire and whose work I still geek out on.
In my current freelance status doing original characters for Fiverr clients, I'd like to be able to use whatever free time I can get to have more practice to improve myself and also to put out more of my own art of the stuff that I am a fan of and I started a page on Patreon for this purpose.
Although I do have another online gallery on deviant art where I post my artwork, Patreon seems like a better place to get connected with people who would appreciate the stuff I make and I can share my art in high resolution in .psd format for a little contribution.
I've set what I hope to be worthwhile rewards for my patrons like, step-by-step process photos, original photoshop format files and exclusive custom art for lucky patrons on each reward tier.
I'm also getting set to start my own comic series if I get enough patrons and probably even start a series on YouTube if I'm really lucky.
Click here to find my page.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Man of Steel

My friends who have noticed that all I ever seem to draw lately outside of my Fiverr commissions are women thought it was a cheat that the male portrait I recently did was in a mask asked me to do one without a disguise. Since the last one was of Batman, I thought it made sense that I draw Superman especially since I'm hyped for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.
I admit, among the comicbook superheroes I've read as a kid I'm not as much a fan of Superman as I am of Batman or Spider-man or even the X-Men but since the only memorable comic-based film before the Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman was the Superman movie with Christopher Reeve, I did look forward to Man of Steel when it came out.
Despite so much bad review from movie critics and comic fans, I actually enjoyed Man of Steel. I think it made a lot of sense that Warner Bros would take a more mature, serious route after the string of successes of Marvel-based movies from Disney that shared almost the same family-friendly tone as the Superman films of the Chris Reeve era. After all, if this is to be the jumping off point towards their own unified cinematic universe, doing it exactly Disney would attract an endless barrage of "copycat" comments from haters and Marvel fanboys.
I loved almost everything about the movie, the real world, first contact aspect to the story, Lois Lane doing some investigative journo, the big action sequences and the fact that we get to see Superman go head to head with powers beyond what the military can handle easily. The only thing that I thought they could have done away with was killing off Jonathan Kent again. I like how in the pre- New 52 comics Mr. Kent was alive and contributes greatly to Clark's personality, in how he is more morally grounded and more hopeful than most superheroes.
In the Superman 2 movie in 1980, Superman's battle with Zod ended with Kal-El stripping his powers away at the Fortress of Solitude then tossing him into a solid wall of crystal and ice 30 feet across the room and Zod falls into an icy abyss. Despite Christopher Reeve claiming in an interview that no one dies in his series, it's pretty clear that Zod and his kryptonian cohorts did. What's worse about it was Superman did it with a triumphant smirk, when he didn't even have to hurt them much less murder them when they could no longer fight back anyway, and before the movie ends he goes on to beat up a mere human trucker with his superhuman strength to get back at him when he got bullied as a powerless Clark Kent.
I like that in Man of Steel, there was clearly no other way to protect earth and humans when he is outmatched by Zod's fighting skills as a born and bred warrior and he is hell bent on destroying the world and the act traumatized him. The argument thet "Superman doesn't kill" doesn't mean he wouldn't but he would only as a last resort just as it was for Doomsday.
With all the destruction left in the wake of Zod's invasion, I'm glad that Batman v Superman would show that beings with power are going to be held accountable for the collateral damage. And after all the waiting, I'm ready to see the DC Trinity finally sharing screen time together. I may have read a lot more Marvel comics as a kid with X-Men, Spider-man and Fantastic 4 but there just isn't anything between Marvel and DC that's quite as iconic Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.
On a side note, while I was watching "The Count of Monte Cristo" in the theatre all those years ago, I thought Jim Caviezel would have been great as Superman, had a little chuckle that years later, his kid in that movie would actually be donning those tights instead.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Batfleck
Hey, world! I've actually been posting my digital portrait practices on my personal Facebook page a lot more than on this blog lately. Have I been too busy to post on my blog? Probably. Does anybody care? Probably not.
Heck, I don't know if anyone ever sees this anyway because I don't know if I have any followers here, haha.
Anyway, because I'm such a closet lesbian and adore the female beauty so much that all I ever draw are gorgeous girls, I got a private message from someone who asked if I can actually draw guys.
This is for that person.
Incidentally, as a comic book fan with no specific preference to either DC or Marvel and a fan of the recent influx of comic book related movies and television series I am extremely excited for the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie. I saw and had fun at the Deadpool movie last month and can't wait to see BvS when Easter comes this month. It feels so long ago when they announced this follow-up to Man of Steel which would be another step into the larger, interconnected DC movie-verse or DCEU and I've been ready to see this in ages. I'm about the only one among my friends who didn't go "NOOOOO....!!!" when they announced Ben Affleck in the Batman/Bruce Wayne role and with the last trailer showing him Arkham Knighting the heck out of a bunch of goons like a huge brutal beast the way he's supposed to, I was all "I told y'all he's gonna kill it!"
I honestly don't get all the pre-release hate this movie has been getting from critics and fans alike because as a movie and comic fan myself I think if this does really well, we all win whether you're a DC or Marvel fanboy. As I see it, even if Marvel has been ruling the box office a successful rival pushes it to still do better, after all not all the Marvel films are even good movies despite the remarkable amount of money they've made. Honestly, Avengers Age of Ultron was the first Josh Whedon movie that not only disappointed me, it made me want to stop shelling money out in the theatres for any more Disney-produced Marvel films.

Mrs Dantes
This is my rendition of one of my favorite faces among Filipino actresses, the beautiful new mom, Mrs. Marian Rivera-Dantes.
I have used her likeness before on a cover of an issue of "Legend of Isis" that I drew that sadly didn't make it to print but I have made to image available on my deviant art page and also here on my blogger.
There is a timeless quality to her look that while I'm glad I got this portrait right I'm inclined to not ever attempt  portrait of her in the near future for fear of getting it wrong.
Although my favorite actress to portray Filipino superhero "Darna" is Angel Locsin, Marian's turn on the role was really good too and I hope she gets  cast in another superhero or superhero-like role which is better produced and more serious than her movie "Super Inday."
If you have a favorite celebrity or a favorite selfie that you'd like for me to turn into art please check out my Fiverr gig by clicking here.

Cosplay Queen Alodia
Here's a likeness I've tried to capture at least a couple of times before, even back in the day before her celebrity status in the local showbiz scene went mainstream.
It can be argued that her self-made success in the cosplay route in the Philippines is what launched cosplaying beyond underground anime geek fad to a somewhat staple of local pop culture nowadays.With her distinct beauty and passion to express creatively with anime and gaming costumes, us geeks gained our
own idol to admire and aspire to and helped us come out to openly declare "hey, geeks are cool," and now everyone is taking notice.
She does dabble in other artistic inclinations with her equally gorgeous younger sister Ashley, like photography, music, and drawing which makes her popularity and success well-deserved and are reasons why she is recognized in cosplay and gaming fandoms overseas too.
If you have a photo of yourself or a favorite celeb you'd like for me to digitally paint, you can check my Fiverr gig here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Super Smile

Melissa Benoist.
What a lovely, lovely human being. As a longtime comic book fan I don't
always have an opinion on live action casting choices when new movie or
television adaptations are announced as was the case when the casting
of the new "Supergirl" series came on the wire.
Supergirl is mostly intended for an audience of a gender of which I am not
so I only had a passing curiosity to the character and series when it was
announced and when I read the name of the actress playing it, it didn't
ring any bells for me which I thought was a good thing because I thought
it had worked out really well for the other new comic book adaptations
on tv lately like The Flash, Arrow, and Daredevil.
I gave the pilot episode a peek not knowing what to expect of it and was
blown away at how perfectly fitted for the role this actress in the type of
character the series chose the direction to be. Melissa plays bubbly, goofy,
grounded Kara so well it's beyond believable and looks so good in the caped
costume as well. Everybody in production should be commended for
bringing back that bright, hopeful vibe in a superhero series in the tradition
of the Christopher Reeve and Lynda Carter era.
This portrait was done on new year's eve day while waiting for the fireworks
and other NYE revelry to start. If you would to have your own favorite superhero
portrait or would like a photo of your own or of a friend's drawn in this style please
check out my Fiverr gig by clicking here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lady Assassin Design

One of the projects I enjoyed and was fortunate to do last October 2015
was a few sketches of a concept for a lady assassin. One of the requirements
of this was to do the character in the likeness of the client. I was free to design
the costume with only a few specifics added in but I had to nail the likeness in
my comic book art style.
I like projects like this one because clients tend to have a deeper connection to
their characters when they when want it to look like them. It's more rewarding personally
for me when the end product makes them happy as was the case for this design
because after I sent in the sketches in the three poses that was ordered a follow up
order for high-res colored versions of her two favorite poses came immediately.
More than the five-star approval rating for the job, the obvious joy and satisfaction
for a job well done is always a bonus.


Wow. It took quite a while for me to post any updates here.
2015 proved to be quite a challenging year for me, one that
made me rethink some life choices and made me wonder if I
still wanted or enjoyed some things that I have been doing for
the longest time.
Anyway, new years are opportunities for new beginnings and
for an artist / geek like me there's a lot to look forward to in this
For this post I'd like to show off a little art commission done over
one of my Fiverr gigs. This one is of a concept design in color
of a character called "Speedlite", who was described by the client
as "something of a cross between Flash and Green Lantern".
The color blue and the hood he's wearing in the drawing was also
part of the request, so the decision to add that in wasn't part of my
personal design styles but I do try my best to make what the client
wants to work out.
If you would like me for to draw your own original character concept/s
please do check out my Fiverr by clicking here.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oktoberfest Teespring Campaign

It's the first of October!
We're nearing Christmas time again and my give back project for this year is
to bring free puto bumbong and bibingka - two rice cakes favorites of Filipinos
during the Christmas season - to church for our traditional Simbang Gabi or
Dawn Mass which starts on December 16th to 24th.
I plan to do it on the first day and last day.
To raise a little extra funds I started a couple of t-shirt campaigns on Teespring
which I hope gets some support.
 The first one is what I call the "Munich" variant. You may support the cause
and get your tees by clicking here.

The second one is my "Lion" variant. You may support the cause and get your tees by
clicking here.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Yaya Dub

I did this today to take a break from the fiverr gigs that I am catching up to. I have been trying to keep to a work schedule that ends at 6pm everyday to keep health issues at bay.  I also like to have some time in the day to be for art that I could do for myself.

Today I grabbed a photo online of the current darling of daytime Filipino television, "Yaya Dub". I'm pretty sure she is a very talented person, but much of the success of the segment in the noontime show, Eat Bulaga, that she highlights with her "loveteam" wasn't in the original plan when she was taken in as part of the program. That said, it doesn't diminish her in any way and credit must be given to the creative team behind the show for recognizing an opportunity when they caught her being distracted at the sight of the good looking also fairly new addition to the cast and reformatting the "Problem Solving" segment into the very first "kalyeserye" on television.

Although I not a big fan of local programs, and don't really follow what has now been locally labeled "aldub mania" or something to that effect, I'm glad the show's writers, directors, and cast have come up with a series that entertains as much as educates the youth on the values of proper courtship practices.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Another Nathalie Hayashi portrait

After doing some revisions on artwork on that have already been approved and cleared previously, I took some time to make another portrait piece.
Well, designing characters isn't easy and it's nice to change pace once in a while and doing portraits helps me relax and declutter my head. I don't know, there's just something about it that helps me unwind.
Like EB Babe Molly, I've tried to capture Miss Hayashi's beautiful likeness more than once before. I think the first time though was when she posted on Facebook a picture of hers that she would love for her fans to draw in anime style. There have been a lot of those types of artwork done before by japanese and non-japanese artists but most of those use the exact pose and setting of the reference so I did my interpretation in a different background and made her into an angel. I also used her likeness in a vector/vexel practice.

Captain Crossfit

One of the most challenging things I've done as a freelance artist and a comic book creator wannabe is creating characters based on a real person. It's particularly tough when you're having to do it by request or service for a complete stranger, especially when in my case, meeting the client in person has literally between very little to absolutely no chance of happening.

Since every person is unique and not a lot of his/her actual personality or distinct nuances can be derived straight from a photo, it's easy to get complaints and other negative reactions when your designs don't quite get certain traits the client is looking for. A lot of the time, though, problems like these can be solved or better yet, avoided by proper communication. You can't fault a client for sending photos of himself/herself that may look good for them but don't really help much as drawing references. Expect that they expect you to be the artist and that you know what to do with them. Asking the right questions is key and knowing the specifics that I need to get a design correctly makes it easy and sometimes it's clients who ask the right questions or have a clear, definite picture of the character design in mind.

I've been very fortunate that most of the clients I've met through fiverr have a clear enough idea of the characters they need help creating and communicate them very well and yet are very open to suggestions for improvement.
Creating Captain Crossfit for my client, Mike, was a breeze because not only have all the
details for the character like costume theme and colors been specifically laid out but a personality profile and references for background objects were all provided right away.

I'm also glad that despite a timer to get a gig done starts immediately when it is ordered, most clients aren't in a big rush to get the art done no matter how excited they are about the rough drafts that I send them for review. Thankfully, it's also these types of clients who gladly hand you a 5-star rating.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Another EB Babe Molly Portrait

I had a busy week doing 12 character design models for a fiverr client in the past week plus 4 other concept sketches for several others that I had to take a break and do a little art for myself.

So here's another digital portrait of one of my favorite subjects to draw, Miss Molly from the most popular noontime program in my country.

I've tried to capture her likeness in my art several times now. I've even drawn her as Supergirl. She may not have the stereotypical look that models, actresses, or most other celebrities but there is definitely a spark of genuine spiritual goodness, a pure inner joy that shines through when I see her face. It's easy to get the impression that she's not only gorgeous but has a kind and generous heart as well.
Maybe next time I'll try to capture her likeness in anime style.

Titanore: Another 5-Star Fiverr Rating

On May 11th of this year (2015), I got an order for a concept art sketch for "an old Titan that has been living at the earth's core for centuries". The rest of the description goes :
very powerful, has blackened fire and lightning resistant half-plate armor and sword from iron-nickel alloy from the core.

So here's my rendition of it:
I had fun with this gig and I'm really grateful for the 5-star rating.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My First Colored and Gig Extra Order on Fiverr

On May 1st of this year I got a request on my fiverr gig for a sketch of a female superhero-type character. The buyer had very clear description of what he wanted drawn "...taller than average, blonde hair, beautiful face, long legs...", which is really good and helps me a lot to imagine the look and he continued with more specifics -"should be
smiling and upbeat, dressed in casual clothing-jeans, shirt, etc...pose, something fun and
quirky, maybe shrugging shoulders...".

It really feels good to start off with an order when you see how specific a buyer is with what he wants and the fact that he also sent a reference for the expression and pose that he was describing, sets me in the right direction of what to draw. Although my sketch is only very loosely based on the photo reference I was given, it helps that I can easily make studies that I know is close to what the client wants without having to do the tedious and time consuming research.

The study I sent had only a minor revision request from the buyer ("could you make the shirt a little longer") which I was happy to oblige for the cleaned up submission and thankfully, he was so excited with the end product that I not only received another 5-star rating but another order right away. He ordered a turnaround modelsheet for the character in color and purchased the original source file gig extra (and another 5-star review: "Fantastic service and high quality art. I couldn't be happier.") What started out a 5-dollar gig got me a $60 sale and it's thanks to having a buyer who helped me help him.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Allie Haze Portrait

Here's a digital portrait practice I did last June. I found another picture online to use as model and the face is just gorgeous and the smile is captivating and looks so genuine. 

My First Five-Star Rating on Fiverr

It doesn't take much to express gratitude. Sometimes, for artists like me who have to draw for a living, it takes a very small gesture of appreciation to make the job however great or small to it make it more worthwhile.

On the first week of April this year I got my second client on The job requested was another black and white, character design/modelsheet/turnaround. I don't know if he was referred to me by the first client but I was grateful to get more orders.
Since I had started to go completely digital only a few months earlier, I'm also thankful that a friend of mine had helped me get Retas Stylos (a vector app, primarily for professional 2D animation work) installed on my computer. Because I don't have much training or know-how on artist apps other than Adobe Photoshop, using Stylos helps me
get digital inking done a lot faster.

The design was of a female ninja/merc with dreadlocks which wasn't difficult to do because username "thelost" provided all the pertinent references and those helped quite a bit. Since I didn't get a review on the previous gigs, I didn't realize that option was actually available to buyers and sellers on fiverr and I was pleasantly surprised when I got a notification on my phone that I received a positive review and rating.

It was very short and simple, really. A mere "Thanks for delivering so quick. You did a great job!!", but it really felt good to read it. I may not have gotten the same kind of pay from other agents that sent work my way before for the same type of work and the art I submitted may not be in the same quality as the top notch artists that I look up to, but those words made it feel that way. It also did get me a 5-star, 100% positive rating on my profile, which I know led more people to trust in the service that I'm providing on this marketplace - a pretty big deal considering the number and competitiveness of other artists in the same category.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My First Fiverr Gig

Earlier this year I stumbled upon a website which describes itself as "the marketplace for
creative and professional services."
I browsed around and saw that services like creative writing, animation, programming, voice-overs were offered and neatly catalogued. I also saw that graphics and illustration
services were offered, although I was a little concerned that the base price for all the services on the site is $5. As a freelance artist myself who pitches my services on other
artist portfolio sites like who had found increasingly tough competition getting clients from younger artists who put their talents out for very low pay rates, I
thought $5 was really going so low.
I did learn though, by looking over some of the seller profiles that most services still go
beyond the basic price and can go up to around $40 per gig and some extras on top of the
basic gig can get you to up $150 per order.
I decided then to give it a try. I decided this site is mostly for buyers who didn't have the kind of resources that big companies have but have projects that they were willing to shell out what they can and figured out what type of service as an illustrator I was willing to give for 5 bucks and signed up and posted a gig.
It took about a week before I got my first order from a buyer under the username "kingsley8888". I honestly was excited to see how it goes and was happy that it was for a simple job - a two-angle modelsheet/ turnaround for use in 3D modeling. I usually get more for the kind of service the customer ordered, but as I have struggled for several months and was literally completely broke during the entire previous holiday season, this was like manna from the gods for me, and afterall, no costume design was required.
The gig required clean digital lines and I'm glad that I have Retas Stylos, an animation app installed because other than that, I only use Adobe Photoshop for my art and it would take a lot longer for me, at least to get this done. This was a 10-dollar job, 5 for each pose, so taking longer would not have been as cost efficient or productive.
It may not look like much, but I'm glad the client was happy and quickly ordered a second project which was another two-pose turnaround described as a Christiano Ronaldo body type model.
I'm really grateful for this site and I'm equally grateful for my first client who gave me a five-star review because I'm pretty sure it helped a lot in getting me my next clients and also for keeping me with a means to earn a living and also the opportunity to meet and help people out with original creations they would otherwise not be able to afford to realize.
Check out my fiverr profile and gigs from this link:

Monday, June 15, 2015


It was a heartbreaking February when I learned her TV show was canceled. Oh, well...
Here's my rendition of Briga Heelan for fans of "Ground Floor" like me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sassy Stephanie

My digital portrait of the beautiful Steph from Filipino girl band, Sassy Girls.
I should have more to say on a blog, right? I don't know what else to say on this post, though.
I have been a fan of Steph since before she became an EB Babe member on the Filipino noontime show, Eat Bulaga.
Man, you should hear this lady sing! 
#sassygirls #sassysteph #shiwakare

Julia Clarete

digital portrait of a favorite Filipina singer/actress of mine.
Being and actor/actress in Philippine showbiz is a complicated thing. They don't usually promote new TV shows or movies by guesting on talk shows, partly because we don't really have those the way US audiences (or maybe most other audiences in the world) have The Tonight Show in the evenings and Good Morning, America in the daytime. They guest on variety shows or game shows to either sing or dance.
Julia is in a different league of cool -she actually does sing- and is a rocker chick at that. She started out mainly as a drama actress but as one of the many hosts of a noontime variety show she has shown more character with her bubbly, vibrant, and funny persona as well.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Filipina car show hottie, Joycee Castro.
Ever see a face that made you just stop and say, "wow"?
This one did it for me. Saw this girl at a car show and my mind went completely blank for a  minute. After I picked myself up off of the floor, I had to stare another minute and just go, "wow, she's really pretty."
Then I went home and drew her picture.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


This is a portrait Mocha Franz, my favorite current member of the Philippines' sexy girl band, Mocha Girls.
How could any lady be sexy and cute at the same damn time?! It's ridiculous how impossibly hot this cutey is, you could literally just stare at her the whole day with her looks melting your heart away and you'd still be shaking your head in disbelief.

Little Marian

This was done as requested by a high school batchmate of mine quite a while back. I finished just in time for her 7th birthday.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wonder Woman digital paint practice

I found and downloaded a very interesting cosplay photo of Wonder Woman on the net and went ahead and did some photo-manipulation/digital painting on photoshop on it and here's what I got.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Russ5377 Collected edition Cover

Haven't done anything that I felt good enough to post here. I had fun with this quick piece I did over the last couple of days. Roughed this out on 9"x12" pad and "inked" on Retas Stylos HD then colored on Adobe Photoshop.
The original interior art in this collection were done by a couple of friends of mine as well.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Son Goku

My Dragonball Z fan art finally done...almost...
I was a fan of this anime when it hit Philippine shores in the late 1990's. It was refreshing to get to see cartoons be fun and yet have adventures and storylines again unlike most of the cartoons we've been importing from the US around this time which were mostly a series of gags per episode of poorly drawn characters.
Not long after Dragonball Z came out, I landed a job at the local satellite studio of Toei Animation - the company that produces this show- just in time to do assisstant animator work on Dragonball GT, SailorMoon S, Teacher Nube, Kindaichi, Kitaro and Hana Yori Dango.
I went on to do key animation work on One Piece, Pretty Cure, and Beet the Vandel Buster before I quit to try my luck having a studio of my own.
This piece is inspired by the Man of Steel movie. Watching the action sequences on Dragonball always used to make me think, "wow, if they ever make new Superman movies, the action has to be something like these with all the super powered beings he has to fight" and it seems that's exactly what they did.
I can't wait to see the repurcusions to Superman's career all the devastastion left behind in the wake of Kal-El fighting off the alien invaders when the sequel comes out.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


more practice...
Miss Molly of EB Babes has such an endearing face it's always interesting to use her likeness as a subject when practicing doing portraits.
It's hard to get looking at her and it inspires me to work even harder to get the likeness right.
I'm sure I'd be using her pictures as models at least a few more times and I hope if she or her fans see my work, they wouldn't be disappointed.