Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I Started A Patreon Page

This is the first artwork I made for Patreon.
I've mostly made my living drawing cartoons and comics (primarily in the indie rout).
I've applied my skill in an anime company, climbing the ladder from in-betweener to layout and key-frame animation.
But what I really still am is a fan. There are so much good stuff in comics, cartoons, games, and movies that I enjoy and am awed by. There are still so many professionals in the mainstream comic industry who I admire and whose work I still geek out on.
In my current freelance status doing original characters for Fiverr clients, I'd like to be able to use whatever free time I can get to have more practice to improve myself and also to put out more of my own art of the stuff that I am a fan of and I started a page on Patreon for this purpose.
Although I do have another online gallery on deviant art where I post my artwork, Patreon seems like a better place to get connected with people who would appreciate the stuff I make and I can share my art in high resolution in .psd format for a little contribution.
I've set what I hope to be worthwhile rewards for my patrons like, step-by-step process photos, original photoshop format files and exclusive custom art for lucky patrons on each reward tier.
I'm also getting set to start my own comic series if I get enough patrons and probably even start a series on YouTube if I'm really lucky.
Click here to find my page.