Friday, July 22, 2016

Laurel Lance

This piece was published on my patreon page as a fan tribute to Katie Cassidy's Black Canary character on the TV series "Arrow"
As a comic book fan I was excited when Black Canary came out on "Arrow" although it was as a character named "The Canary" with the alter ego Sara Lance It is always fun to see superheroes, Marvel and DC alike, come alive onscreen and even though this wasn't the comic's Dinah Lance, I like it, black leather suit and fight scenes and all.

With Sara's apparent demise on the third season of the series, Dinah Laurel finally had her chance to be in the costume as Black Canary. It was unfortunate, though, that storywise, this was also the season that started to go south and in the next season the writers and showrunners decided to follow up with a more convoluted drama and sadly, Laurel Lance was disposed of.

It's strange that the more popular and consistent part of the Green Arrow's comic book mythos didn't get to have her story fully develop in a series that took quite a while to get realized.