Sunday, August 9, 2015

My First Fiverr Gig

Earlier this year I stumbled upon a website which describes itself as "the marketplace for
creative and professional services."
I browsed around and saw that services like creative writing, animation, programming, voice-overs were offered and neatly catalogued. I also saw that graphics and illustration
services were offered, although I was a little concerned that the base price for all the services on the site is $5. As a freelance artist myself who pitches my services on other
artist portfolio sites like who had found increasingly tough competition getting clients from younger artists who put their talents out for very low pay rates, I
thought $5 was really going so low.
I did learn though, by looking over some of the seller profiles that most services still go
beyond the basic price and can go up to around $40 per gig and some extras on top of the
basic gig can get you to up $150 per order.
I decided then to give it a try. I decided this site is mostly for buyers who didn't have the kind of resources that big companies have but have projects that they were willing to shell out what they can and figured out what type of service as an illustrator I was willing to give for 5 bucks and signed up and posted a gig.
It took about a week before I got my first order from a buyer under the username "kingsley8888". I honestly was excited to see how it goes and was happy that it was for a simple job - a two-angle modelsheet/ turnaround for use in 3D modeling. I usually get more for the kind of service the customer ordered, but as I have struggled for several months and was literally completely broke during the entire previous holiday season, this was like manna from the gods for me, and afterall, no costume design was required.
The gig required clean digital lines and I'm glad that I have Retas Stylos, an animation app installed because other than that, I only use Adobe Photoshop for my art and it would take a lot longer for me, at least to get this done. This was a 10-dollar job, 5 for each pose, so taking longer would not have been as cost efficient or productive.
It may not look like much, but I'm glad the client was happy and quickly ordered a second project which was another two-pose turnaround described as a Christiano Ronaldo body type model.
I'm really grateful for this site and I'm equally grateful for my first client who gave me a five-star review because I'm pretty sure it helped a lot in getting me my next clients and also for keeping me with a means to earn a living and also the opportunity to meet and help people out with original creations they would otherwise not be able to afford to realize.
Check out my fiverr profile and gigs from this link: