Friday, September 11, 2015

Yaya Dub

I did this today to take a break from the fiverr gigs that I am catching up to. I have been trying to keep to a work schedule that ends at 6pm everyday to keep health issues at bay.  I also like to have some time in the day to be for art that I could do for myself.

Today I grabbed a photo online of the current darling of daytime Filipino television, "Yaya Dub". I'm pretty sure she is a very talented person, but much of the success of the segment in the noontime show, Eat Bulaga, that she highlights with her "loveteam" wasn't in the original plan when she was taken in as part of the program. That said, it doesn't diminish her in any way and credit must be given to the creative team behind the show for recognizing an opportunity when they caught her being distracted at the sight of the good looking also fairly new addition to the cast and reformatting the "Problem Solving" segment into the very first "kalyeserye" on television.

Although I not a big fan of local programs, and don't really follow what has now been locally labeled "aldub mania" or something to that effect, I'm glad the show's writers, directors, and cast have come up with a series that entertains as much as educates the youth on the values of proper courtship practices.