Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lady Assassin Design

One of the projects I enjoyed and was fortunate to do last October 2015
was a few sketches of a concept for a lady assassin. One of the requirements
of this was to do the character in the likeness of the client. I was free to design
the costume with only a few specifics added in but I had to nail the likeness in
my comic book art style.
I like projects like this one because clients tend to have a deeper connection to
their characters when they when want it to look like them. It's more rewarding personally
for me when the end product makes them happy as was the case for this design
because after I sent in the sketches in the three poses that was ordered a follow up
order for high-res colored versions of her two favorite poses came immediately.
More than the five-star approval rating for the job, the obvious joy and satisfaction
for a job well done is always a bonus.