Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Wow. It took quite a while for me to post any updates here.
2015 proved to be quite a challenging year for me, one that
made me rethink some life choices and made me wonder if I
still wanted or enjoyed some things that I have been doing for
the longest time.
Anyway, new years are opportunities for new beginnings and
for an artist / geek like me there's a lot to look forward to in this
For this post I'd like to show off a little art commission done over
one of my Fiverr gigs. This one is of a concept design in color
of a character called "Speedlite", who was described by the client
as "something of a cross between Flash and Green Lantern".
The color blue and the hood he's wearing in the drawing was also
part of the request, so the decision to add that in wasn't part of my
personal design styles but I do try my best to make what the client
wants to work out.
If you would like me for to draw your own original character concept/s
please do check out my Fiverr by clicking here.