Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cosplay Queen Alodia

Here's a likeness I've tried to capture at least a couple of times before, even back in the day before her celebrity status in the local showbiz scene went mainstream.
It can be argued that her self-made success in the cosplay route in the Philippines is what launched cosplaying beyond underground anime geek fad to a somewhat staple of local pop culture nowadays.With her distinct beauty and passion to express creatively with anime and gaming costumes, us geeks gained our
own idol to admire and aspire to and helped us come out to openly declare "hey, geeks are cool," and now everyone is taking notice.
She does dabble in other artistic inclinations with her equally gorgeous younger sister Ashley, like photography, music, and drawing which makes her popularity and success well-deserved and are reasons why she is recognized in cosplay and gaming fandoms overseas too.
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