Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mrs Dantes

This is my rendition of one of my favorite faces among Filipino actresses, the beautiful new mom, Mrs. Marian Rivera-Dantes.
I have used her likeness before on a cover of an issue of "Legend of Isis" that I drew that sadly didn't make it to print but I have made the image available on my deviant art page and also here on my blogger.
There is a timeless quality to her look that while I'm glad I got this portrait right I'm inclined to not ever attempt a portrait of her again  in the near future for fear of getting it wrong.
Although my favorite actress to portray Filipino superhero "Darna" is Angel Locsin, Marian's turn on the role was really good too -her acting is incredible and I hope she gets  cast in another superhero or superhero-like role which is better produced and more serious than her movie "Super Inday."
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