Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Batfleck

Hey, world! I've actually been posting my digital portrait practices on my personal Facebook page a lot more than on this blog lately. Have I been too busy to post on my blog? Probably. Does anybody care? Probably not.
Heck, I don't know if anyone ever sees this anyway because I don't know if I have any followers here, haha.
Anyway, because I'm such a closet lesbian and adore the female beauty so much that all I ever draw are gorgeous girls, I got a private message from someone who asked if I can actually draw guys.
This is for that person.
Incidentally, as a comic book fan with no specific preference to either DC or Marvel and a fan of the recent influx of comic book related movies and television series I am extremely excited for the Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie. I saw and had fun at the Deadpool movie last month and can't wait to see BvS when Easter comes this month. It feels so long ago when they announced this follow-up to Man of Steel which would be another step into the larger, interconnected DC movie-verse or DCEU and I've been ready to see this in ages. I'm about the only one among my friends who didn't go "NOOOOO....!!!" when they announced Ben Affleck in the Batman/Bruce Wayne role and with the last trailer showing him Arkham Knighting the heck out of a bunch of goons like a huge brutal beast the way he's supposed to, I was all "I told y'all he's gonna kill it!"
I honestly don't get all the pre-release hate this movie has been getting from critics and fans alike because as a movie and comic fan myself I think if this does really well, we all win whether you're a DC or Marvel fanboy. As I see it, even if Marvel has been ruling the box office a successful rival pushes it to still do better, after all not all the Marvel films are even good movies despite the remarkable amount of money they've made. Honestly, Avengers Age of Ultron was the first Josh Whedon movie that not only disappointed me, it made me want to stop shelling money out in the theatres for any more Disney-produced Marvel films.